Possibilities International exists for ONE essential purpose...
To fulfill the simple dreams of the hurting, helpless and hopeless wherever we can...

Q: HOW, you ask?

by raising up A Nation of Everyday Philanthropists.

Q: Philanthro-who?
Philanthropist... (from the greek root "loving people")
"a person who practices goodwill towards fellowmen" - Webster's Dictionary

Q: What makes PI unique?
At PI we believe everyone can be a philanthropist! We want to make it easy for people to give a small gift that makes a huge impact in the life of someone who is struggling. That's why we have created our iam1ru on-line "dream catalogue" (aka dream machine). But, what makes us unique is that we have PI agents living around the world who are our hands and feet. We entrust them with funds, they buy the gifts/needed items and distribute them personally to those who need them most.

Q: So what about the day to day costs involved?
What many people don't think about is the resources it takes to keep these Dream Agents provided for. We are committed to these amazing folks who do all of our field-work, and PI sends compensation to them on a monthly basis.

For our work to continue and to expand (to meet more needs) we need an army of "Everyday Philanthropists" who will sponsor us for just a dollar a day (get it "every day"?)

We will use these funds to keep this organization healthy and keep our Dream Agents mobile and active with the resources they need to meet needs and fulfill dreams on a daily basis.

Now it's OUR turn to ask a question...

Q: Would you consider becoming an "Everyday Philanthropist" with us?

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